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Appendix J - Applegate Trail: Silvestri Property Brochure

The Hugo Emigrant Trails Committee (Trails Committee) was formed to bring together all those who want to learn more about the early transportation in the area, from the casual admirer to the dedicated researcher.1

On August 20, 2003 three volunteers inventoried the Applegate Trail on the Silvestri Property: 2.03 acre Tax Lot 350602-CO-000800-80. Participants were property owner Gino Silvestri, Karen Rose, and Mike Walker. The Silvestri Property was investigated before the Trails Committee was aware of the Oregon-California Trails Association’s "Mapping Emigrant Trails" standards.2

Three metal artifacts (parts of an ox yoke) were displayed by Silvestri that he and his father had found with a metal detector in the earth of the roadbed being investigated as the Applegate Trail.

Wagon Trail Inventory - OR-JA-00-35-06-2- Silvestri Property

The second field trip to the Silvestri trail site occurred August 11, 2004: Gino Silvestri, Karen Rose, Mike Walker, Wayne McKy, Hal Anthony, Jacque Hardwick, Blake Hardwick, Janet & Stephen McKy, Norbert Tieman.
Fix GPS AT G1 is at northeast end of road/wagon trail on Silvestri’s property boundary (2.03 acres) off Red Mountain Drive, Grants Pass, Oregon.

More Information
The trail is parallel to Jumpoff Joe Creek and in the northwest portion of the property. The general location matches several historical map locations of the Applegate Trail (1856, 1895, 1916, 1932, 1955, & 1995 atlas). It is above Jumpoff Joe Creek and approximately 25 feet above its first bench. Fix GPS AT G2 is at the middle of the trail segment on Silvestri’s property. Fix AT G3 is at southwest end of trail on Silvestri’s property boundary. It also matches the location of the "Approx. center line of Territorial Road Willamette to Jacksonville" on the Josephine County assessor map for Section 2, T.34S., R.6W., WM. The trail segment on the property varies from 10 - 13 feet wide and approximately 200 feet long.
In conclusion, more work needs to be done by the Trails Committee using the OCTA mapping standards (e.g., artifact search, review GLO field notes, field review by OCTA representatives, etc.). 2 An interim trail classification of Class 2 or Class 3 , Verified Trail, was recommended for trail segment OR-JA-00-35-06-2- Silvestri Property.

Want more information? Contact an officer of the Hugo Neighborhood, or a member of the Trails Committee on how you can become involved.
1. Hugo Neighborhood. 2005. Public Outreach & Educational Brochure Program: Hugo’s Emigrant Trails. Hugo, OR.
2. Office of National Trails Preservation & Oregon-California Trails Association (P.O. box 1019, Independence, MO, 64051-0519, 816-252-2276, July 2002, 4th edition. Mapping Emigrants Trails MET Field Manual.


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