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September 11, 2010 Trail Outing
Applegate Trail Program
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Applegate Trail Fords
Hugo's Trapper Trail Brochure Series
Hugo/NW OCTA Applegate Trail Mapping
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1.  Public Outreach & Educational Brochure Program - Hugo Emigrant Trails
2.  Hugo Emigrant Trails Committee  
3a.  Outreach For Hugo's Emigrant Trails  
3b.  Private Property Outreach Sub-Committee
4.  Hugo Emigrant Trails Inventory Process
5a.  Hugo Emigrant Trail Map Quads & Points of Interest Codes
5b.  Hugo Emigrant GLO Maps & Field Survey Notes
5c.  BLM Maps & Field Survey Notes
6.  Applegate Trail
7.  Applegate (California) Trail:  National Historic Trail:  1846-1883
8.  Applegate Trail Interpretive Center Museum
9.  Applegate Trail Bibliography
10a.  Hugo Applegate Trail Field Notes
10b.  Latitude & Longitude for JA-11 through JA-15
10c.  Latitude & Longitude for JA-3 through JA-7
10d.  General Land Office Field Survey Sub-Committee
11a.  Diaries and Journals 
11b. Diaries, Journals & Reminiscences Sub-Committee
12.  Guidelines For Locating Wagon Trails: Mountainous & Forested Terrain
13.  Hugo Applegate Trail Composite Trail Description Method
14.  GIS (Geographic Information System) Project
15.  Ox Bow Of Applegate Trail
16.  1856 Wagon Trail Inventory
17b.  Applegate Trail:  Mt. Sexton Pass
18.  Applegate Trail:  White Property
18b. White's Place & Applegate Trail
19.  Applegate Trail:  Boldway Property
20.  Applegate Trail: Boyce Property
21.  Applegate Trail:  Silvestri Property
22.  Applegate Trail & Sportsman Park
23.  Applegate Trail:  Alma Fairfield Property








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