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Introduction by Jim Just, Executive Director, Goal One Coalition

In July 2006 the Oregon Task Force on Land Use Planning (the "Big Look" task force) identified six topic areas that it will analyze and make recommendations to the 2009 Legislative Assembly and Governor. The task force appointed members to work groups for each topic area.

In early September, all but one of those workgroups sent out questionnaires to selected "stakeholders." Goal One Coalition was asked about its views on the role of citizens in the land use planning process.  Its response begins with lamenting the task force's failure to take a "big look," and then argues that it is people's responsibility as citizens to participate actively and fully in the decisions that will shape our future (Publications - Response to Big Look Questionnaire on Citizen Involvement - web link -

The CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT SERIES has four sub-links.


Section I. - Citizen Involvement Brochures: 2002 - 2006 is comprised of links to brochures the Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society had published on its web site.

Public Broadcasting To Inform Citizenry
Neighborhood Associations
Political Equality: One-Person-One-Vote-One-Value
Citizen Involvement In The Oregon Land Use Planning System
PACs For CACs & NAs
Zero Cost To Fund Citizan Involvement
One Time Need To Fund CAC Inventories & Handbooks
CACNA Coalition
Outreach Chair
Citizen Involvement Committee
Role of JO CO's Citizen Involvement Committee
Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
Recommended Role Of JO CO's Rural Planning Commission
Do You Want A Taxing District Or A Citizen Advisory Committee?
The Value Of "Notice"
Communities Map
Land Use Committee
    1.  Land Use Decisions: What Are Findings?
    2.  Standards and Criteria
    3.  Facts
    4.  Standards Are, Or Are Not, Satisfied
    5.  Must Address Relevant Issues Raised by Public
    6.  Conditions of Approval
    7.  LUBA Remand
    8.  LUBA Reversal
Party or Standing
    1.  A Party, Or A Witness?
    2.  Aggrieved Party
    3.  Adversely Affected Party
    4.  "Actual" Notice of Decision
    5.  Geographic Proximity
Points of Order
    1.  Point of Order
    2.  Raise It or Waive It Point of Order
Need Land Use Help?
Right to Speak & Petition Fund


Section II. - Enforcement Orders has information on the Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society’s citizen initiated enforcement order and possible future enforcement orders.

Citizen Initiated Enforcement Orders (web link -
Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society’s September 20, 2000 Citizen Request - OAR 660-045-0040
September 20, 2000 letter
Possible Future Enforcement Orders


Section III. - Common Citizen Involvement Issues & Problems in Oregon: 2006 is a series of 11 brochures addressing common citizen involvement problems statewide.

1.  Common Land Use Issues & Problems
2.  Funding
3.  Staffing
4.  Time
5.  Legal Constraints
6.  Apathy
7.  Technocracy
8.  The Need for Predictability
9.  State and Federal Mandates
10. The Overburdened Citizen
11. Oregon Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee


Section IV. - Common Citizen Involvement Issues & Problems in Josephine: 2006 is a series of brochures addressing common Josephine County citizen involvement problems that could be common statewide.

1.  Common Citizen Involvement Issues & Problems in Josephine County: 2006
2.  Local Government Support For Citizen Involvement Program
3.  Citizen Involvement Committee II
4.  Josephine County Rural Planning Commission
5.  CACs & NAs: 2006
6.  Public Notice
     . The Value Of "Notice"
     . "Actual" Notice of Decision
    6A.  Notice To Neighborhoods and Community Organizations
    6B.  Notice Proposal For Neighborhoods & Community Organizations
    6C.  Notice Contents & Failure To Follow  Notice Requirements
    6D.  Failure To Give Notice Of Hearing & Change In Proposal
    6E.  Who Is Entitled To Notice: Mailing Deadlines & Failure To Receive Notice
    6F.  Reasonable Person
    6G.  Knew Or Should Have Known & Relationship To Notice
7.  Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
8.  Findings
9.  Party or Standing
10. Points of Order
     . Point of Order
     . Raise It or Waive It Point of Order
11. Incomplete Land Use Applications
    11A.  Complete Land Use Applications
    11B.  Evidentiary Requirements
    11C.  Change In Land Use Proposal
    11D.  Modifications To The Proposal & 150-Day Rule
    11E.  The Burden Of Proof
    11F.  Shifting The Burden Of Proof
12.  150-Day Rule
    12AA.  150-Day ORS Standards
    12AB.  Legislative History of 150-Day Rule
    12B.  JO CO Pattern & Practice Of Neglect For 150-Day Rule
    12C.  JO CO 150-Day Violations - Pattern & Practice
    12D.  Mandamus Proceedings For 150-Day Violations
    12E.  Circuit Court Attorney Fees From 150-Day Mandamus Proceedings
    12F.  Appellant Court Opinions On Attorney Fees From 150-Day Mandamus Proceedings
    12G.  Chilling Effect On Citizen Involvement From Violation of 150-Day Rule
    12H.  Possible Citizen-Initiated Enforcement Order Based On 150-Day Rule Pattern & Practice Violations
    12I.  Corrective Actions For 150-Day Rule Violations
    12J.  Constitutions Issues Around Mandamus Proceedings
    12K.  Promising JO CO Approach To Violations Of 150-Day Rule: 2006
Conditions of Approval
Over The Counter Decisions
Quasi-Judicial Hearings
.  Burden & Nature of Proof
        .  Suggestions For Effective Advocacy During Local
        .  Land Use Hearings
        .  Representation
        .  Ex Parte Contacts
        .  Bias
        .  Conflict Of Interest
        .  Parties & Standing
        .  Jurisdiction
        .  Standards & Criteria
        .  Staff Report
        .  Parties & Witnesses
        .  Opportunity To Present Evidence
        .  Failure to Respond to Specific Issues Raised by Citizens
        .  Rebuttal & Sur-rebuttal
        .  Additional Evidence Or Testimony
        .  Continue Hearing & Leave Record Open
        .  Summation
        .  Oral Decisions
        .  Written & Signed Findings
.  Appeals
Role of Josephine County Planning Office Staff
Oregon LUBA Reporters Missing From Law Library
Public Riparian Involvement Process
State Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee Involved Locally
Monitoring & Enforcement
Political Equality: One-Person-One-Vote-One-Value:  A Citizen Issue Paper
Suggestions For Effective Advocacy During Local Land Use Hearings
An Opponent Party's Right To Give Testimony
Who Are We?
CACNA Coalition II
Required Notice Without A Hearing
Bias of Local Quasi-Judicial Decision Makers
Representation By Hugo Land Use Committee
Josephine County Meeting Laws
Josephine County and City of Grants Pass CAC Programs
Local Remand Hearings

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