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Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society

Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Tombstone Quarry





Hugo Graves Team
. Hugo Graves Team: 2011
. Hugo Graves Team: 2014
. Rules for Private Graves

Pioneers/Property Owners
. Hugo Tombstone Quarry Section of Applegate Trail
. Solomon Abraham Family: Hugo Pioneers
. O & C Railroad
. O & C Railroad: Chinese Workers
. Applegate Trail & Pleasant Valley Cemetery
. Pleasant Valley Cemetery: 1870s?
. Pleasant Valley School
. Tombstone Analysis
. Squier Family: Hugo Settlers
. Augustus Walker: Hugo Pioneer
. Walker’s Mill Precinct

Applegate Trail
. JR Of Applegate Trail: Pleasant Valley (JA-9A)
. JR Applegate Trail: Silvestri Property
. JR Ford No. 6: Jumpoff Joe Creek Ford
. JR Ford No. 5: Schoolhouse Creek Ford

Historic Cemeteries & Gavesites
. Pleasant Valley Cemetery
. Pleasant Valley Cemetery Mapping Project: 2006
. Neely & Trimble Cemeteries
. Trimbles’s Grave
. Neelys’ Hugo Grave Sites: 1870s - 1880s
III. POTENTIAL ISSUES (brainstorming)

Brainstorming issues potentially applicable to the N&T Cemetery Plan follow.

Issue 1. Standards & Criteria Identification

. Roads

. Significance "Archaeological sites are considered significant until their eligibility can be evaluated." (Archaeology Bulletin 1 - Archaeological Sites on Private Lands)
. Significance. Preliminary October 12, 2014 Hugo Graves Team Analysis

Issue 2. Advocacy Through Organization

Issue 3. Grounds Maintenance

Issue 4. Vandalism

Issue 5. Outreach

Issue 6. Historic Character

Issue 7. Resources to Interpret Law

Issue 8. Inventories/Status

. Archaeological, historical, prehistoric or anthropological nature?
. Historic cemetery status?
. Archaeological site status?
. Human remains status?
. Grave markers as memorials to the dead status?
. Platted cemetery status?
. Dedicated cemetery status?
. Tax lot status?
. Private land status?
. Ownership status? (e.g., no known owners - private landowner’s permission letter, etc.)

Issue 9. Historic Cemeteries Discontinued/Impacted

. Proposals to remove dedication of historic cemetery property?
. Proposals to discontinue historic cemetery property?
. Proposals to abandon historic cemetery property?
. Proposals to have remains removed and/or relocated from the burial ground or historic cemetery property?
. Proposals to disturb historic cemetery property through road construction?
. Proposals to removal of any historic burials coordinated with a professional archaeologist who has obtained a state archaeological permit?
. Proposals to excavate or alter an archaeological site, or remove any material of an archaeological, historical, prehistoric or anthropological nature without first obtaining a permit issued by the State Parks and Recreation Department?

Issue 10. Other Issues?



. Trust Fund
. Donations
. In-Kind


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