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Written by the Land Use Committee on 08/25/05

Soil & Water

The 120-acre Lynch Ranch is comprised of three tax lots and located in Hugo, Oregon. All but five acres are allocated and zoned "Exclusive Farm."

1. Lot 35-06-02-AO-1700, Rural Residential -   5.26 ac.

2. Lot 35-06-02-OO-1100, Exclusive Farm - 109.81 ac.

3. Lot 35-06-11-BO-0290, Exclusive Farm -      4.94 ac.

The Lynch Ranch has six types of soils well suited to hay and pasture.1

1C Abegg Gravelly Loam                  3.97 ac.
12D Brockman CBLY Clay Loam    4.86 ac.
18A Copsey Clay                            18.15 ac.
38A Foehlin Gravelly Loam              20.90 ac.
42D Holland Sandy Loam, Cool       38.30 ac.
73 Takilma Cobbly Loam                 33.83 ac.
                                         120.01 ac.

Agricultural Lands Of The Lynch Ranch

Jumpoff Joe Creek is a perennial stream on the northern boundary of the ranch. It is considered to be water quality limited by the Department of Environmental Quality by the following criteria: flow modification, habitat modification, sediment, and temperature.2 It supports trout, steelhead, and coho salmon. Wild coho salmon are a federally listed threatened species.

 Ninety-six percent of the six soils are agricultural lands as they are federally classified agricultural capability Class II, III or IV.1 The exception is the nonirrigated 12D Brockman CBLY Clay Loam.3

1C IVs irrigated & nonirrigated                3.3 %
12D IVe irrigated & VIe nonirrigated       4.1 %
18A IIIw irrigated & IVw nonirrigated   15.1 %
38A IIs irrigated & IVc nonirrigated       17.4 %
42D IVe irrigated & nonirrigated             31.9 %
73 IVs irrigated & nonirrigated                 28.2 %
                                                  100 %

See brochure "Water Rights & Lynch Ranch" for a treatment of irrigation.4

Want More Information?

The agricultural land of the Lynch Ranch has been farmed for over 150 years starting with Augustus L. Walker in the 1850s5, and more recently by the Lynch family from 1968 - 2005.

Oregon Agricultural Land Policy Agricultural lands shall be preserved and maintained for farm use, consistent with existing and future needs for agricultural products, forest and open space and with the state's agricultural land use policy expressed in ORS 215.243 and 215.700.6

Oregon Agricultural Land In western Oregon, agricultural land is land of predominantly Class I, II, III and IV soils.3

Want more information? Contact an officer of the Hugo Neighborhood on how you can practice citizen involvement in land use planning and/or become involved in Hugo’s history.

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