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Written November 26, 2002

Soil & Water

Dickerson’s Corner is a quarter-quarter section located in Hugo, Oregon. In 2002 it was surveyed at 41.5 acres and has been allocated and zoned "Exclusive Farm" use ever since Josephine County’s land use planning in the mid-1970s. Before that time it had been "Green Belt."

Dickerson’s Corner has four types of soils: 12B Brockman Cobby Clay Loam (Subclass IIIs, irrigated and VIe, nonirrigated), 17B Clawson Sandy Loan (Subclass IIIw, irrigated and nonirrigated), 38A Foehlin Gravelly Loan (Subclass IIs, irrigated and IVc, nonirrigated), and 42D Holland Sandy Loam (Subclass IVe, irrigated and nonirrigated). These soils are all well suited to hay and pasture.1

The four soils are agricultural lands as they are all Class III or IV except for the nonirrigated Brockman Cobby Clay Loam soil.

Agricultural Lands Of Dickerson’s Corner

Two seasonal creeks run through Dickerson’s Corner: Corliss and Bannister creeks. The property also has a pond built by the Dickersons around 1947 - 48. Today the pond is registered as an exempt reservoir - P-74317.

The Oregon Water Resources Department conducted a water right research November 2002 and documented two rights.

1. A Certificate of Water Right 9702 (Permit 7163) established in 1932 is appurtenant to 8 acres. The water comes from a diversion on Bannister Creek.

2. Permit S-74316 to appropriate public waters was established in 1994. It is for irrigation using stored water from the pond to irrigate 20 acres of land. As a general rule, water rights allow use of from 2 to 4 acre feet of water per acre per season. No certificate of water right has been issued and the permit is in jeopardy of being canceled.

Want More Information?

The agricultural land of Dickerson’s Corner has been farmed for over 140 years starting with the Trimbles in 1861 and most recently from the 1970s until 2002 by Clay and Judy Dickerson raising beef Shorthorn cattle.2

Oregon Agricultural Land Policy Agricultural lands shall be preserved and maintained for farm use, consistent with existing and future needs for agricultural products, forest and open space and with the state's agricultural land use policy expressed in ORS 215.243 and 215.700.3

Oregon Agricultural Land In western Oregon, agricultural land is land of predominantly Class I, II, III and IV soils.3

More Information Want more information? Contact an officer of the Hugo Neighborhood on how you can practice citizen involvement in land use planning and/or become involved in Hugo’s history.


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