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Written by the Land Use Committee on 08/25/05

Applegate Trail Is A Branch Of The California National Historic Trail

The Oregon and the Mormon Pioneer Trails were authorized as national historic trails (NHTs) by Congress in 1978 (National Trails System Act, sections 5(a)(3 )and (4)).1 In 1992 Congress established the California and Pony Express National Historic Trails (National Trails System Act), section 5(a)(18) and (19)).23

National Trails System Act:
Public Law 90-543

The NHTs did not follow single routes, rather numerous branches and cutoffs were used by the emigrants heading west. As designated by Congress in the NTSA, the Applegate Trail was the Southern Road to Oregon and is a branch of the California National Historic Trail.1

SEC. 5. [16USC1244] "(18) The California National Historic Trail, a route of approximately five thousand seven hundred miles, including all routes and cutoffs, extending from Independence and Saint Joseph, Missouri, and Council Bluffs, Iowa, to various points in California and Oregon, as generally described in the report of the Department of the Interior prepared pursuant to subsection (b) of this section entitled "California and Pony Express Trails, Eligibility/Feasibility Study/Environmental Assessment" and dated September 1987."1

California National Historic Trail

Applegate Trail & Lynch Ranch

The 1846 Applegate Trail bisects the Lynch Ranch.2 It was the earliest wagon road in the county and in 1856 it was part of Augustus L. Walker’s donation land claim. It is identified on 2005 Josephine County Assessor maps as the "Approx. Center Line Territorial Road Willamette to Jacksonville."

 ORS 358.057(3) - The Applegate National Historic Trail

Hugo is blessed with a rich heritage of historic roads, rough though they were.1

National Park Service/ U.S. Department of Interior

 ORS 358.057 Oregon recognizes the value and significance of its historic trails, including the Applegate Trail.

ORS 358.057(3)
The Applegate National Historic Trail

 Want more information? Contact an officer of the Hugo Neighborhood, or a member of the Trails Committee on how you can become involved in this trail project.5

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