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Written January 1, 2003

Exclusive Farm Of Dickerson’s Corner To Rural Residential?

Pre-Application Review On November 26, 2002 the Josephine County Planning Office received a pre-application review from John Snook for a comprehensive plan and zone change for Dickerson’s Corner (41.5 acres) from "Exclusive Farm" to "Rural Residential - 5 Acres" (RR-5). The request is based upon the concept that the land is irrevocably committed to non-resource.

The open spaces of the original 40-acre plus Dickerson farm were irrigated and green in the 1990s through early 2002, but earlier were dryland pasture (NE of the NE of Section 3, T. 35. S., R. 6 W., W.M.). The land has a long history of farming as it first became a large pioneer farm of 160 acres in 1861 (see Hugo Neighborhood’s brochures: Dickerson’s Corner: 1945 - 2002 and Agricultural Lands of Dickerson’s Corner).

The purpose of the pre-application review is to familiarize the applicant with the land use application standards and to assure that it is complete and ready for processing before submitting it as a formal land use request.

The Josephine County Planning Director usually furnishes a written response to the pre-application request that identifies and describes application procedures, fees, standards, criteria, rules and laws, comments and recommendations, along with a list of other agencies or departments that may also have possible jurisdiction over the request (Section 21.020 of the Josephine County Rural Land Development Code).

How Do You Feel — Pro or Con?

Pre-Application Review Request The request indicates the change will allow the owner the opportunity to partition the land north of Three Pines Road into a separate homesite, and then request two to three 10 plus acre sites on the south side.

Potential Development In the long-term the potential development, if approved, could easily be 8 new homes on the 41.5 acre parcel. The rationale for this potential development conclusion is the recently challenged Josephine County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Leonhardt land use decision of May 8, 2002.

The challenged Leonhardt decision (LUBA No. 2002-066) is Josephine County’s approval of a comprehensive plan change from Forest Resource to Residential and a Zone Map Change from Woodlot Resource to Rural Residential 5-acre minimum (RR-5) for 40.40 acres located at 294 Jump Off Joe Creek Road, described in the assessor’s records as T. 34, R. 6, Section 35, Tax Lot 100, which became final on May 8, 2002, when the findings were signed by the BCC.

Pro or Con? How do you feel about this potential development at Dickerson’s Corner, pro or con?








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