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The Hugo Community Church and the Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society (Hugo Neighborhood) have entered into a history project agreement to reproduce the church’s historical journals into a format for sharing with its neighbors and the public.

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This history project is a specific commitment of the Hugo Neighborhood, with the permission of the Hugo Community Church, to develop the church’s journals into an electronic format for public sharing as determined by either party. For example, copies of new church journal documents might be made and shared, publication could occur in The Daily Courier’s "Mondays Make History," information might be distributed via email, and/or web page publication could occur.

This project is part of a program in which the Hugo Neighborhood aims to promote the social welfare of its Hugo neighbors, which is by working to preserve, protect, and enhance their rural livability through recording their rich community history.

We do this because we believe the quality of rural life in Hugo is enhanced through citizen knowledge of its history and the sense of community that a historical perspective facilitates.


On May 25, 2002, three neighbors of the Hugo Neighborhood volunteered to transcribe (type) the Hugo Community Church’s records into an electronic format: Art Chatham, Carole Heaphy, and Mike Walker. Pastor Terry Isabell accepted the offer and the church journals were transmitted into the care of Mike Walker August 2002.

Terry Isabell, Pastor
Hugo Community Church
709 S. W. Cypress
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Art Chatham
225 Lee Joy Drive
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Carole Heaphy
560-A NE F St, PMB 254
Grants Pass, OR, 97526
Mike Walker, Secretary
Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society
3388B Merlin Rd #195
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526

More Information

The Hugo Community Church ’s covenant was entered into by its first members May 14, 1913.

Its historical records, or journals, are comprised of five known documents.

Journal 1. Hugo Community Church Clerk’s Journal: May 14, 1913 - October 14, 1946

Journal 2. Hugo Community Church Clerk’s Journal: October 1946 - November 6, 1961

Journal 3. Hugo Community Church Treasurer’s Journal: October 1946 - December 1967

Journal 4. Hugo Community Church Building Fund: January 1963 - August 1965

Journal 5. Hugo Sunday School Minutes: 1961

The goal for completing this project is the winter of 2002-2003.

Contact the Pastor of the church, or an officer or volunteer of the Hugo Neighborhood if you are interested in becoming involved with this history project.

September 4, 2002

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