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Preserve Cultural Assets Through Documentation

We believe many of our cultural assets are endangered, or could soon become threatened.

This preliminary inventory of cultural assets has no implications concerning private property. For example, researchers will never enter private property without permission and any future possible consideration of preserving, rehabilitating and restoring historic buildings would only be initiated with the permission of the private land owner.




Hugo Ladies Club






People/Traditions — Pioneer Families; Oral Histories

Historical Societies — Hugo Ladies Club; Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society

Libraries — Hugo Ladies Club; Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society

Museums & Exhibits — Hugo Ladies Club’s Annual Quilt & Craft Fair; Hugo History Day & Exhibits

Cemeteries/Family Cemeteries — Sextons, Ritchies, Mckenzies



Hugo’s Preliminary Historic Building List

1 Ahern (Thomas) House, Packing Shed, & Other Buildings

2 Antlers Auto Camp

3 Baer - Templin

4 Banks, Wesley (House)

5 Banks, Wesley (Barn)

6 Beverage (Jennie) Packing Shed

7 Bonnies ??

8 Brazille House

9 Brown (Lawrence) House

10 Brown (Lawrence) Shed

11 Burch (Tunnel Loop)

12 Calaba Cabin

13 Calkins (Tunnel Loop)

14 Cochrane House (Doob)

15 Crockett (Garrett) Barn

16 Crow (Helmie)

17 Dillon

18 Dorries

19 Echo Cove Orchard House & Barn

20 Edelman House

21 Erickson Auto Camp

22 Erickson (C. A.) Barn

23 Erickson House

24 Grimes House

25 Hansen House

26 Harrys

27 Hicks’ Auto Court

28 Holgate (Mabel) House

29 Holgate (Mabel) Orchard Cabin

30 Holgate (Mabel) Packing Shed

31 Huff (Bill)

32 Hugo Community Church

33 Hugo Parsonage/Teacherage

34 Hugo Hitching Post/Hugo Supply Company

35 Hugo School & Gym: 1912 - 1967

36 Ivory (Ed)


37 Kolkow Auto Camp

38 Leidecker Fish Farm

39 Ludwick House

40 Ludwick - Gift House

41 Lucky Queen & Hugo Schools

42 McCoy (Ellie)

43 McKenzie-Sturgil-Barkdahl

44 McKy Fruit House

45 McKy House

46 McKy (Rental)

47 Morris

48 Olsen

49 Owens-Wallace

50 Packer (Marvin)

51 Penny House

52 Peterson (John) House

53 Peterson (Nanni)

54 Pizer

55 Raymond-Case

56 Reynolds (Earl)

57 Richie House

58 Rileys

59 Ritchie House - Stuart

60 Sexton (Charles) House

61 Southern Pacific Well House

62 Three Pines Lumber Co. Shop

63 Three Pines School

64 Tooey (Mike)

65 Vanderbilt-Ward House

66 Vanderbilt-Ward Barn

67 Walker Home

68 Ward Barn

69 Warne

70 Whitehead (Rick)

71 William Light House

72 William Light Barn

73 Wise-Tavis Barn

74 Wise-Tavis House

75 Young House












































Historic Buildings. Historic buildings are usually at least 50 years old. Buildings less than 50 years of age must be exceptionally important to be considered eligible for inventory as a cultural asset.

Historic Trails/Roads

1850s Indian Trail

1850s Road from Willamette Valley to Jacksonville

1850s Road to Illinois Valley Via Van Noys Ferry

1850 - 1900 Wagon Road/Applegate Trail

Pacific Highway

Other Cultural Assets

Grave Creek Railroad Tunnel/No. 9

Three Pines Lumber Company Ditch

Want to become a member of the Hugo Historic Buildings Committee? Its first project is to inventory Hugo’s cultural assets.

Contact an officer of the Hugo Neighborhood for more information on preserving our history and how you can become involved, especially on information to update this cultural assets inventory, and how to become a member of the Hugo Historic Buildings Committee.

November 12, 2002

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