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Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society

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Interested In Being A Director?

Do you think you might be interested in getting involved as a director with the Hugo Neighborhood? The neighborhood is seeking applicants for three additional director positions.

Being a director on the Hugo Neighborhood is very important as you will be helping the community become knowledgeable of the land use and/or the history of our area.

As individuals we all bring our biases to the table, but the Hugo Neighborhood board is non-partisan. Its goal is to base it decisions and actions on "Issues" relating to its mission.

Give us your one page summary on why you want to be a director to Mike Walker. Consider your knowledge, skills, and abilities in relationship to furthering the mission of the Hugo Neighborhood.

Director Backgrounds

Wayne McKy
Occupation:  Farmer
Experience:  Farming, Logging, & Railroading
Interests:  Farming & Preservation of Resource Lands
Hal Anthony
Occupation:  Landscape Maintenance
Experience:  Political & Health Activist
Interests:  Open Government, Health and Nutrition, & Music
Mike Walker
Occupation:  Retired
Experience:  Pilot, Land Use Planning & Environmental Impact Analysis
Interests:  Citizen Involvement, Community, History, & Rafting
Jacqueline Hardwick
Occupation:  Retired
Experience:  Teacher’s Aide, Clerical, & Store Owner
Interests:  Ceramist, Gardening, & History
Karen Rose
Occupation:  Software Programmer
Experience:  Program Manager, Software Programmer, & Technical Support
Interests:  Quilt Making, Reading, Web Page Development, History

November 4, 2003





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