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Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society Brochure
On January 2003, we began the concept of voluntary membership dues.  They are $10.00 per family and are due every January.  They will be used for paper, ink, envelopes, publications and mailings.  Make checks payable to the Hugo Neighborhood and send them to our Treasurer, Liz Butowitsch, 6520 Tunnel Loop Road, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526.
Download Membership Form here
Thank You For Your Support 

The Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society accepts donations for two categories of activities:  projects and membership dues.  Projects are usually short term and terminate when the project ends.  Examples of projects include Hugo History Day, community sign, Hugo Community Church transcripts, land use applications, mug project, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, and 1859 - 1861 Josephine County Assessor records.    

The Hugo Neighborhood Association is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization with a land use and history mission promoting the social welfare of its neighbors by working to promote Oregon Statewide Goal 1 — Citizen Involvement, and by preserving, protecting, and enhancing the livability and economic viability of its farms, forests, and rural neighbors.  Its mission follows. 

Land Use                                                                                                                       Officers:

   Promote Citizen Involvement (Oregon Statewide Goal 1)                              Wayne McKy, Chair
   Promote Education                                                                                        Mike Walker, Education Chair
   Protect Our Farms and Forests (Oregon Statewide Goals 3 & 4)                   Liz Butowitsch, Treasurer
   Protect Our Community’s Rural Quality of Life                                              


    Preserve Our Local History (preserving, documenting, promoting & interpreting)
    Promote Education 

Members are responsible for the health and well being of our organization.  A qualification of members is that they be advocates for the organizations  mission.

 Membership dues cover a whole range of administrative costs.  Dues are $10.00 annually per family and are normally used for paper, ink, envelopes, and stamps to publish and sometimes mail documents.  What you really get for your membership dues is knowing you are contributing to the community spirit of Hugo.

 Please return this signed form with your donation and check payable to Hugo Neighborhood to: 

Liz Butowitsch, Treasurer

Hugo Neighborhood, 6520 Tunnel Loop Road, Grants Pass, Oregon,  97526, 541-479-3162  




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