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Briggs, George E.
Browning, Edmond
Croxton, Thomas
Ganiard, Oscar
Harkness, Samuel
Hendershott, James
Hogue, Ebenezer
Hogue, Samuel
Holton, Daniel S.
Howell, Jefferson
Mason, Joseph
Nagle, William
Newman, William
Sexton, David
Smith, John S W
Tolin, Edward N
Tuffs, James P.
Twogood, James H.
Walker, Wesley R. and Augustus L.



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Mariette and Sam Harkness

In 1866, Jimmy Twogood sold 1/2 interest in the Grave Creek Ranch to Samuel Harkness.  He entered the staging business along with raising horses and cattle.  Within a year, Samuel would become the largest landowner in northern Josephine County.  This very enterprising and civic minded pioneer served as county commissioner and also postmaster at the Leland Post Office.  He was instrumental in the bringing school teachers to the Leland Precinct / Deer Creek area where none had been before to teach the local children including his own.

(source - First There Was TwoGood by Larry McLane, page 17)

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