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In 2001, some neighbors formed a committee called the Hugo Political Action Committee(HPAC).  The HPAC is an ongoing committee that will exist for more than one year.  The mission of the HPAC is identified on its statement of organization (ID Number 00-98-PAC) filed with the Josephine County Clerk's office and very similar to that of the HNA&HS.

Promote citizen involvement as defined by Oregon statewide goal 1.

Protect our farms and forests as defined by Oregon statewide goals 3 and 4.

Protect our rural quality of life.

Preserve our history.

Each year the Board of Directors for our HPAC will determine if there are any ballot measures and/or candidates in Josephine County that it wants to support through sponsorship and/or expenditures of our available HPAC funds.   The mission standards, as stated above, will be used to determine that support.   There is less chance of our candidates winning, or of our ballot measures passing if our message can't get out (e.g. , in the purchasing of signs and ads, etc.)  The HPAC is asking for your financial support, and we wanted to let you know that this support can be painless, ultimately not costing you a penny.  Here's how:  If you know your total state income tax liability for the taxable year will exceed $50 (or $100 for a couple filing jointly), you can make a $50/person contribution to our PC and receive the total amount back in the form of a tax credit when you file your state income tax return the next year.  This is not a deduction, it is a TAX CREDIT.  For example, if your 2001 year state income tax liability is $350 filing jointly, and if you contribute $100 to the HPAC, your tax liability after the credit would be only $250.  In this example, if you had already paid the state the $350 through payroll deductions, you actually get a $100 refund.

For additional information on this subject, you can contact the Oregon Department of Revenue for tax information at 955 Center Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97310, 503-378-4988, or refer to ORS 316.102 legislation at
Please make your checks payable to the Hugo Political Action Committee and send them to its treasurer, Michael L. Walker, at 3388B Merlin Rd. #195, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526.  An official receipt will be provided.   
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