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1A.  Hugo Pioneers:  1800s
1B.  Hugo Tombstone Quarry Section Of Applegate Trail
1C.  Applegate Trail People Research & Field Work
2.     Soloman Abraham
3.     Andersons
4.     William Asher Family
5.     Ballou Family
6A.  Lyndon Banister Family
6B.  John Bland Family
7.     Joanna Bryant
8A.  Thomas Bryant
8B.  Bryant Family:  Federal Censuses
9.     Caspescha Family
10.   Chadwick Family
11.   Gordon Cochrane Familly:  Early Hugo Pioneers
12.   J.C. Cochrane Family:  Early Hugo Pioneers
13.   J.C. Cochrane Quartz Creek House
14.   William A. Cox Family
15.   William M. Cos Family
16.   Eurydica Trimble Crockett
17A. Crocketts
17B. Garrett Crockett
18.   Darnells
19.   John Davis:  Warrant Locator 
20.   Wood/Feree/Fobertshaw Family
21.   P. Flanagan Family
22.   W.H. Flanagan Family
23A. Hugo Garbers
23B. W. L. Gibson Family
24.    Lemuel Green Family
25.    Enos Gwin Family
26.    Francis Gwin Family
27.    John Gross Family
28.    Harris Family
29.    James Hart Family
30.    Hasseltin Family
31.    Lewis Heath:  Indian Fighter
32A. Coleman Hefling Family:  Federal Census
32B. William Hefling Family
33.    Hill Family
34.    Hammond Kinney Family
35.    Bachelor Charles Ladd
36.    William Lamson Family
37.    Eveline Martin
38.    George Mathews Family
39.    Gaylord Mattison Family
40A.  Joseph McCaslin Family  
40B.  Joseph McCaslin Family:  Federal Censuses
41A.  George McCormick Family
41B.  George McCormick Family:  Federal Censuses
42.    George McCormick's Hugo Hotel
43.    Hugo MacKenzie Family
44A.  Miller Family
44B.  Jacob Miller Family:  Federal Censuses
45.    Myrick Family
46.    Elizabeth F. Neely 
47.    Neely Family
48.    Wm. W. & E.F. Neely
49A   Hiram (Frank) Niday Jr's Hugo Pioneer Family
49B.  John D. Niday Sr. Family
49C.  John B. Niday Jr. Family
50.    Hiram Francis Niday (Senior) Family
51.    O & C. Railroad
52.    O & C. Railroad:  Chinese Workers
53.    Thomas Overton Family
54.    William Paddock Family
55.    Peter Pirzer Family
56.    Peter Pirzer Family:  Children
57A.  Pleasant Valley School
57B.  William Henry Pollock Family
58.    Thomas Powers
59.    PVC:  Applegate Trail & Pleasant Valley Cemetery
60.    PVC:  Hugo's High Road
61.    PVC:  Neely & Trimble Cemeteries
62.    PVC:  Pleasant Valley Cemetery: 1870s?
63.    PVC:  Tombstone Analysis
64.    Renshaw Family
65.    Rice Benson's:  Military Warrant
66.    "S.B. Rob" Family
67.    Robertshaw Family
68.    Theophilus Rowe Family
69A. Caroline Sexton
69B.  Caroline Sexton and the Echo Cove Orchard
70A.  Charles Sexton Family
70B.  Children of Charles Sexton: I
70C.  Children of Charles Sexton: II
70D.  Children of Charles Sexton: III
71A.  David Sexton, Indian Fighter & Hugo Pioneer
71B.  David Sexton and the Maplebrook Orchard
72A.  David Sexton Family
72B.  Federal Censuses for Sextons
73.    John Smith Family
74.    Edward Squier
75.    Caroline Stumbo's Family
76A.  George Stumbo
76B.  George Stumbo's DLC Application
77.    Trimble Family
78.    James Trimble
79.    MacKenzie Trimble Family
80.    Trimble's Military Warrant
81.    Samual Trimble
82.    Trimble Family:  Josephine County Federal Census
83.    Harison Triplett
84.    Triplett Family
85.    Triplett Family:  Josephine County Federal Census
86.    Anson Turner:  Warrant Locator
87.    Augustus Walker
88.    Wesley Walker
89.    Walker's Mill Precinct
90.    C.D. Williams Family
91.    Whittington Family
92.    William Willis:  Early Investor?
93A.  William W. Wilson Family
93B.  William W. Wilson Family:  Federal Census
94.    Yokum Family

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