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1. October 2002. Chapman. Testimony (oral comments) - Approval of Subdivision with Findings of Approval by Planning Director: Fir Crest Estates and Diamond Way (Three Pines Road Cut) off Three Pines Road.

2. January 2003. Snook. Investigation. Pre-Application Review. Dickerson’s Corner Coalition formed. On November 26, 2002 the Josephine County Planning Office received a pre-application review from John Snook for a comprehensive plan and zone change for Dickerson’s Corner (41.5 acres) from Exclusive Farm to Rural Residential - 5 Acres. The request was based upon the concept that the land is irrevocably committed to non-resource uses. In January 2003 the Dickerson’s Corner Coalition was formed as a result of the pre-application review.

3. February 2003. Masters. Testimony (written comments) - Reference January 3, 2003 land use decision by Planning Director without a hearing for a request to replat parcel into three lots (Michael Masters, 9069 Monument Drive). First recent detailed analysis by the Hugo Neighborhood concerning adequacy of findings. February 3, 2003.

4. March 2003. Ockenden. Investigation. Pre-application Review about changing the plan and zone designations for 157.93 acres from Agricultural and Forest/Farm and Woodlot Resource to Residential/Rural Residential, 5 Acre minimum. Maximum of 31 dwellings. March 18, 2003.

5. April 2003. Price. Testimony (oral and written comments) - Reference appeal by Mark Lystra and April 23, 2003 De Novo evidentiary hearing before Josephine County Board of County Commissioners. Comments were on Planning Director’s January 24, 2003 Findings of Fact & Decision without a hearing (June Ann Price, 6511 Tunnel Loop Road) to create three parcels in a Rural Residential Zone with a Restricted Residential Road. April 23, 2003.

6. May 2003. McCain. Testimony (written comments) - Reference May 15, 2003 Notice Of Land Use Request For A Replat for two lots (David McCain, 141 Opal Lane and 2911 Russell Road. May 21, 2003.

7. June 2003. Snook. Testimony (oral and written comments) - Reference appeal by Belinda Blauer and March 25, 2003 Findings & Decision Of Approval Without a hearing for a tentative plan approved for replat with variance before the Josephine County Board of County Commissioners (John Snook, 2692 Hugo Road). Testimony was about the adequacy of the findings of fact. June 25, 2003.

8. September 2003. Leonhardt. Discussion & Testimony (oral comments by McKy) - Request for an 8-lot subdivision in the Rural Residential - Five Acre zone. Lots would range from 4.67 acres to 5.00 acres for residential development and construction of a limited residential road providing access to Jump Off Joe Creek Road. September 8, 2003.

9. October 2003. Crouse. Testimony (oral comments) - Conditional Use Permit For A Composting Facility & A Conditional Use Permit for a commercial use in conjunction with a farm use, October 29, 2003. Comments On August 8, 2003 Findings & Decisions of approval at De Novo hearing October 29, 2003.

10. November 2003. Hugo Public Meeting. Liz Butowitsch, Chair, Who Are We Committee. Date of Public Meeting: November 4, 2003. Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Place: Hugo Community Church. 6501 Hugo Road. Sixty-eight (68) neighbors participated in a public meeting at the Hugo Community Church. The meeting was sponsored by the "Who Are We Committee" which was a new group interested in networking and exploring the power of numbers. Members of the committee feel very strongly that if the residents of Hugo want to keep their rural quality of life that they must stand up for one another whenever the opportunity arises. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage neighbors to communicate to one another about what is happening in their backyards and, if so inclined, to seek the assistance of the Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society. Participants acknowledged they live in a wonderful area that is beginning to change dramatically and that together they can network and influence the changes that are proposed in the future.

11. November 2003. Sumner. Testimony (oral and written Comments). Reference November 26, 2003 De Novo evidentiary hearing before Josephine County Board of County Commissioners. Applicant: Sumner, 2635 Scoville Road. Request to amend the comprehensive plan designation from Forest Resource to Residential, to change the Zone Map designation from Woodlot to Rural Residential - Five Acres, and to amend the Deer Winter Range Map in conjunction with a Planned Unit Development creating 9 lots for residential development. Total acreage: 54.5 acres. November 26, 2003.

12. December 2003. DeVry. Testimony (oral comments). De Novo hearing before the Josephine County Board of Commissioners for a request to amend comprehensive plan from Forest to Residential and to change zone map from Woodlot Resource to Rural Residential - 5 Acre for 110.17 acres of property. Applicants John and Joanna DeVry. Property at 258 Gunnell Road. December 3, 2003.

13. February 2004. Colvin Oil Company. Testimony (oral and written comments) - Colvin Oil Company’s, De Novo Evidentiary hearing before Josephine County Board Of Commissioners. A request for a comprehensive plan and zone map amendment with an exception to Statewide Goal 14, Urbanization (Rural Residential - 2.5 acres to Rural Industrial); and to designated the site as an Urban Exception Area-Committed; and a site plan review to develop parking, office and caretaker quarters, and expand employee parking, and expand employee parking and septic system existing on the rural industrial site, to allow expansion of office, parking, caretaker’s quarters and septic system. February 25, 2004.

14. March 2004. Allen. Testimony (written comments) - Request before Josephine County Planning Director: Approval of this land use request without a hearing would allow, with conditions, "Wild Goose Estates," a subdivision of a 16.58 tract into five lots, each to meet or exceed 2.5 acres in size, along with the creation of "Wild Goose Lane," a Restricted Residential Road. Applicant: Richard & Mary Allen and Burnell & Lois Mulde. Location: 530 Hartsfield Lane and 2240 Russell Road. March 2, 2004.

15. March 2004. Meade. Testimony (oral and written comments) - Reference March 24, 2004 land use hearing before Josephine County Board of County Commissioners on Josephine County’s Internal Rate of Return process. This was a request by the applicant, Orville Meade, to re-open a land use hearing to allow the new evidence (legislative history of the Internal Rate of Return) prepared by the Josephine County Planning Director to be included in the record on a request for a Comprehensive Plan change from Agriculture to Residential and a Zone Map amendment from Farm Resource to Rural Residential - 5 Acre for 15.04 acres of property. March 19, 2004.

16. February 2004. Josephine County. Testimony (written LUBA appeal - petition for review) - Before the Land Use Board of Appeals of the State of Oregon, Petitioners Michael L. Walker, Wayne McKy, and Hal Anthony v. Josephine County, LUBA No. 2003-204, appealed the December 2, 2003 decision of the Josephine County Board of County Commissioners on the Snook Variance. February 20, 2004. (see web page:

17. June 2004. WTW Development LLC. Testimony (oral comments) - Reference June 14, 2004 public hearing by Rural Planning Commission. The request was approval of a tentative plan for a 21-lot subdivision (Walker Mountain View Estates) in the Rural Residential 2.5 Acre zone. The 21 lots would range in size from 2.0 to 2.5 acres. Kanetta Lane would be brought up to County road standards and would provide looped road access onto Monument Drive. June 14, 2004.

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