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Briggs, George E.
Browning, Edmond
Croxton, Thomas
Ganiard, Oscar
Harkness, Samuel
Hendershott, James
Hogue, Ebenezer
Hogue, Samuel
Holton, Daniel S.
Howell, Jefferson
Mason, Joseph
Nagle, William
Newman, William
Sexton, David
Smith, John S W
Tolin, Edward N
Tuffs, James P.
Twogood, James H.
Walker, Wesley R. and Augustus L.



Worked for the Oregon & California Stage Company through the early 1880's as a stagecoach driver or whip.  His main route was between Barron's stop and Yreka over the Siskiyous mountains in southern Oregon.

(source - Knights of the Whip, Stagecoach Days In Oregon by Gary & Gloria Meier, page 149)







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