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May 23, 2007

Applegate Trail Project

Hugo is blessed with a rich heritage of historic roads, rough though they were. The Hugo Emigrant Trails Committee was formed to collect and record information about Hugo’s emigrant trails, especially the Applegate Trail.

The Diaries, Journals & Reminiscences Sub-Committee has compiled an extensive library on the primary resources available which document travel through Hugo on the Applegate Trail: diaries, journals, reminiscences, and government reports.

The General Land Office Field Survey Sub-Committee has transcribed 31 General Land Office (GLO) field survey locations within Hugo’s Applegate Trail routes of interest and calculated the latitude and longitude for each location. This includes 25 major "road" locations and six house locations which were close to the road, fields, prairies, and fences. It has already located over half of these locations on the ground.

The next phase is to explore the potential for metal artifacts associated with the trail through the use of a metal detector. This is one of the final tests in documenting emigrant trails.

Metal Detector Project & Applegate Trail

We are on a roll! Thank YOU. These generous individuals and businesses have contributed $475.00 toward our metal detector project.

Karen Rose, Bull & Sheily Udink, Edward Walrath, Hugo Hitching Post, Billy Sparks, Scott Cameron, Terry & Karen Brown, Jason & Kim Marguilis, Stosh & Carolyn Diaz, Derald Stafford & Kathy Yellow Eagle, Greg Ashe, Larry Mills, Mike and Cindy Walker, Kathryn Watson, Daniel & Sharon Doshier, Jeannie Neeley, Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society, Bob & Sandy King, Jerry & Sharon Heckers, Jon Whalen, Anna & Vern Bates, Mr. & Mrs. Larry McStravog, Rosey Gade, Action Hair Design, Charlie Mitchell, Jill Tappan & Bill Meyer, Lana Walker, Bob & Barbara Tarango, Frankie & Johnny Brown, Lance & Megan Newton, Backroad Grill, Beverly & Zane Searles, Charlyn & Virgil Witcher, Kym & Danny Bowen, and David & Terri Riley.

There are four people on the Metal Detector Committee: Jon Whalen, Chair; Mike Walker; Chris Chabot; and Karen Rose.

Three metal detectors by "White Electronics, Inc." that would serve our mission can be purchased from the Armadillo Mining Shop in Grants Pass. John Adams of the mining shop has graciously offered a field demonstration. The cost range of the detectors being considered is from $629.00 to $989.00.

Two needed accessories include a 14" coil and a hard carrying case adding $300.00. The overall metal detector project donation goal is from $900.00 to $1,300.00.

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Want To Be Involved?

The goal is that trained operators would use our metal detector on field trips by the Hugo Emigrant Trails Committee.

Want more information? Contact an officer of the Hugo Neighborhood on how you can become involved in our Applegate Trail project, and/or become a member of the Metal Detector Committee

Want to contribute toward the purchase of our metal detector? Please make your checks payable to the Hugo Neighborhood and send to our committee chair.

Jon Whalen, Chair
Hugo Metal Detector Committee
326 NE Josephine Street
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526

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