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Sexton House - Widow Caroline Niday was in the 1850's Indian Wars and a donation land claimant in her own right.  She later married David Sexton.  There are three donation land claims in the Hugo Neighborhood.

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                                            Photo: Courtesy of Joyce Austin          Dog: Bumps

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                                            Photo: Courtesy of Joyce Austin.

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                                            Photo: Courtesy of the Kerbyville Museum.

Names of persons pictured in this 1898 photo of the old Sexton House in Hugo courtesy of Melody Stumbo.

Left to right: Caroline (Stumbo) (Niday) Sexton, Ranch Hand, Tarris Sexton, Ranch Hand, Ada Sexton, Charles D. Sexton, Diadama Sexton as a baby and Frank Sexton.


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Photo: Courtesy of Joyce Austin.  

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