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                  A.  Donation Land Claims (DLCs)
                    (1) T.34S., R.6W., W.M. (Map)
                         OR-D0030 James H. Twogood: Survey No. 37
                                Original DLC Survey Page 341
                                Original DLC Survey Page 342
                                Original DLC Survey Page 343
                                Typed DLC Survey With Comments
                         OR-D0030 McDonough Harkness: Survey No. 38
                         OR-D0030 James Johnson: Survey No. 39
                         OR-D0030 Hiram Niday: Survey No. 40
                                 Original DLC Survey Page 350
                                 Original DLC Survey Page 351
                                 Original DLC Survey Page 352
                                 Typed DLC Survey With Comments
                    (2) T.35S., R.6W., W.M.
                          George Harris DLC No. 70
                          Wesley R. Walker DLC No. 778
                          Augustus L. Walker DLC No. 861
                    (3) T.36S., R.5W., W.M.
                    (4) T.36S., R.6W., W.M. (Maps
                          James N. Vannoy DLC No. 38
                                 Original DLC Survey Page 330
                                 Original DLC Survey Page 331
                                 Typed DLC Survey With Comments
                          Margaret Vannoy DLC No. 39
                                   Original DLC Survey Page 332
                                  Original DLC Survey Page 333
                                  Original DLC Survey Page 334
                                  Typed DLC Survey With Comments
                           Elias Tucker Wright DLC No. 41
                                   Original DLC Survey Page 338
                                   Original DLC Survey Page 339
                                   Original DLC Survey Page 340
                                   Typed DLC Survey With Comments
               B.   Military Warrants
                    (1)  1861 Warrant: Private Lewis Heatt for service, located by John Davis
                    (2)  1864 Warrant: Private Rice Benson/located by Anson Turner
                    (3)  1896 Warrant: Thomas Bryant for service
               C.   Homesteads
               D.  Cash Entries
               E.   Railroad Grants
               F.   Josephine County Road: 1874

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