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Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society

Hunahs Volunteers at Work
2005 Applegate Trail Re-enactment
05/14/05 - Applegate Field Trip at Mt. Sexton
2005 Voluntary Well Monitoring
2005 Reunion
Field Trip - Applegate Trail
Photos - Hugo History Day IV
Photos - Hugo History Day V
Photos - Hugo History Day VI
Photos - Hugo History Day VII
Photos - Hugo History Day VIII
Photos - Hugo History Day IX
Photos - Hugo History Day X
Photos - Hugo History Day XI
Mt. Sexton Lookout Field Trip



Auto Camps and Service Stations Around Hugo

Photos courtesy of Mike Walker and Chuck Tarski

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Hugo Song created by Leon Hunsaker                             The gangs all here.
and sung by Taylor Rose and group


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Hal with his old license plate display

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Caveman Vintage Car Club                                             Claudette Pruitt visits us from Burns, Oregon

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Jean says it's raffle time                                                  Just one of Mike's display board on auto camps

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Hugo Ladies Club sales their quilt raffle tickets                Larry's presentation on Milepost 268

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Caveman Vintage Car Club

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More beauiful antique cars

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Field trip at Court Conway's

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