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August 11, 2004

Sponsored By

Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Association,
Josephine County Historical Society,
Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries,
Josephine County Community Development Department, and
Josephine Soil Water & Conservation District

Pleasant Valley Cemetery The PVC is a private pioneer cemetery adjacent to the Applegate National Historic Trail in northern Josephine County. This 20-acre cemetery was established in the ca 1860s.

Directions. Travel I-5 north from Grants Pass to the Hugo exit and travel west and south on Monument Drive for 2.2 miles. The cemetery is on the left just past School House Creek Road.

Pleasant Valley Cemetery Association The PVCA is a non-profit corporation registered with the Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division. The PVCA’s mission is to manage the PVC as an active cemetery, including the preservation and protection of its historic values.

Business Name: Pleasant Valley Cemetery Association - Non-Profit Corporation (public benefit with members).

Registry Date & Number: April 5, 1971 - 092679-15

Fredrick Sharp, President/Contact
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Association
3232 Galice Road
Merlin, Oregon 97532

Robert Trimble might be the oldest resident of the cemetery: born July 9, 1819; died March 29, 1870.

Preserve & Protect

Many Hugo, Jumpoff Joe, and Merlin neighbors are buried in the Pleasant Valley Cemetery and the cemetery has several issues of interest to the Hugo Neighborhood (e.g., preservation, interpretation, vandalism, road and vegetation maintenance, wildfire, noxious weeds, signing, maps, hazard trees, security, education, etc.).

There are also mutual issues of interest with the Hugo Neighborhood, PVCA, Josephine County Historical Society (JCHS), Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries, Josephine County Community Development Department, and the Josephine Soil Water & Conservation District to preserve and protect the Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

One of the ways the Hugo Neighborhood aims to best promote the social welfare of our Hugo neighbors is by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and researching its rich local history, and encouraging neighbor’s interest in the history of the Hugo area, in their geographic place, in their community.

We know the quality of rural life in Hugo is enhanced through citizen knowledge of its history and the sense of community that a historical perspective facilitates.

More Information

The role culture plays in the lives of our neighbors and our Hugo community is of major significance. Culture is the distillation of those things that identify us as people, including our shared and individual sense of heritage, history, place, creativity and art, traditions and customs, and it is an integral part of Oregon and Hugo. We believe culture, as one basis for a healthy community, can be an alternative to destructive behavior and a healing force, and that children educated in their history and culture will contribute to the creative workforce of our evolving technological world.

You can become involved in helping preserve and protect the PVC (see contacts for the Hugo Neighborhood, PVCA, and JCHS).

Wayne McKy, Chair/Contact
Hugo Neighborhood & JSWCD
6497 Hugo Road
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Jean Boling, Historic Sites Chair/Contact
Josephine County Historical Society
512 SW 5th Street
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Bob Calciano, Commissioner/Contact
Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries
P.O. Box 2423
Grants Pass, Oregon 97528
Cell: 218-1591

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