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The two product versions (replication & modification) were created using Microsoft Excel© software. 

Volunteer Tax Roll Committee member, Michael Schneyder, Josephine County Tax Assessor, made copies of the original ledger pages for 1859, 1860 & 1861. (A total of 131 legal size pages)

The volunteer Tax Roll Committee contained three members (Mike Walker, Jon Whalen, & Karen Rose) who performed the difficult translation and input of data for their respective years.

The committee also contained three members (Jacque Hardwick, Jean Boling, & Larry McLane) who performed the quality control (QC) aspects of this project and also helped with the development of these products.  Each tax roll went through four phases of QC:  First, on the draft by the translator, second by Jacque, third by either Larry or Jean, and finally by the web publisher, Karen.

NOTES  - Replication Process of Original Tax Rolls (1859-1861)

The replication process of creating the electronic format of the tax rolls was done to match the originals as closely as possible.

  1. The names are exact and appear on the same pages as the original.
  2. The font is script or calligraphy to closely match the original handwriting of assessor.
  3. Numbers and math results are exact.
  4. The titles and headings are exact as possible.
NOTES - Modification Process of Original Tax Rolls (1859-1861)

The modification process of these tax rolls was done to help bring this historical data alive, correct any mathematical oversites in the original, and generally "jazz up" the product.

  1. The names were corrected and surnames were expanded to today's common usage. (i.e. Jno changed to John, Tho changed to Thomas, etc.)
  2. The font was changed to be more readable.
  3. Math was corrected.
  4. Titles and Headings changed for visual reasons.
  5. Charts of the data were created.
  6. Short biographical information was included for some of the individuals.
  7. Photos of individuals was included.
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