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Pacific Highway
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Quartz Creek
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                                    On Top of Railroad Tunnel 9 (Looking North) 
                                    6/26/04 - Scenic View Trip to Quartz Creek  

Quartz Creek Route 1 Viewpoint Elevation 2,400'

There are lots of comfortable scenic view points to discover picturesque Hugo from the air.  Well, from the viewpoints looking down, it feels like being in the air, sorta.

The Quartz Creek Viewpoints are about 14 plus vehicle miles and 40 minutes from the Hugo I-5 interchange parking area (see map).  The Grave Creek Hills are Hugo’s northern boundary and a dominate feature in the neighborhood.  At the highest they are 2,748' high and named after Grave Creek.

Additional Photos

 Grave Creek Hills  Elevation 2,748'

0.0       Hugo I-5 Interchange Parking (40 - 45 miles per hour to Quartz Creek Road)
0.7       Hugo I-5 Interchange to Junction of Monument Drive & Three Pines Road
2.3       Three Pines Road at railroad crossing
2.5       To Junction of Three Pines  Road & Hugo Road
5.2       To Junction of Hugo Road & Quartz Creek Road (BLM 35-6-8) (25 - 30 mph to top)
7.2       To Junction BLM 35-6-8 & BLM 35-6-8-36
6.7       Quartz Creek Road crosses over Quartz Creek.  Feeling of solitude and natural environment.  In logging country.
8.2       Dirt Junction to left
8.5       Quartz Creek Road crosses over Quartz Creek
8.7       To Junction of 35-6-8 & 34-6-25.3.  Steep road grade from junction for .2 miles driving north.
8.9       To Junction of 35-6-8 & 34-6-30.  Land levels out at junction.
10.9     To Junction of 34-6-30 & 34-6-19.2 (rough road; have to drive slow)
11.7     To Junction of 34-6-19.2 & 34-6-20, 34-6-20.1, and 34-6.19.2.  A short stretch here were east west ridge is very narrow (approximately the width of the road).  Road is steep for .2 miles to top.
11.9     Wide area for parking on route directly over Tunnel No. 9
12.0     Route 1 on 34-6-20 at Junction of 34-6-20 & 34-6-20.3.  Gate at start of 34-6-20. (20 mph).
13.3     Steep road grade on 34-6-20.
13.4     Huge Doug fir (two foot in diameter) across road.  Must be very close to end of road and viewpoint (cut in 2004).
13.8     “Y” at Junction of 34-6-20 and county logging road.  You can drive to “Y”.  But, 34-6-20 would severely scratch vehicle because of encroaching scotchbroom.
14.5     Terminus of north Quartz Creek Viewpoint (end of 34-6-20); 2.5 mile walk from gate.  Good view at end of road.


12.0     Route 2 on 34-6-20.3 at Junction of 34-6-20 & 34-6-20.3.
?.?       Junction of 34-6-20.3 and 34-6-20.2.
?.?        Drive about 100 yards up 34-6-20.2 until vegetation stops vehicle - glimpses of Hugo through trees.
?.?        Drive further down 34-6-20.3 - glimpses of Hugo through trees.

 More Information

 Five popular Hugo view points are:

Pacific Highway
Burgess Gulch
Walker Mountain
Quartz Creek
Sexton Mountain Lookout

The drive from the Hugo I-5 interchange to the Quartz Creek Viewpoints is paved and rough gravel roads (two-wheel drive).  The upper elevation roads can be pretty muddy during wet winter days. 

OUTDOOR RISK WARNING STATEMENT - WARNING!  There is a personal risk the individual assumes anytime he ventures into the “wilds” of Hugo.   Non-paved roads can be dangerous anytime, but especially in near vertical terrain (i.e., narrow, steep, curvy, blind corners, edge of cliff, poor road material, overhanging vegetation, mud holes, loose rocks, changing conditions, etc.).  Besides dangerous roads there are other environmental elements to prepared for:  weather, hazardous terrain, potentially dangerous plants, and critters.  The big “real” common concerns are hot summer heat, ticks, poison oak, and rattlesnakes.  The Hugo Neighborhood assumes no liability for information provided, nor any harm that may result from individuals traveling into the “wilds.” See Link to expanded risk warning statement for more information.  

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