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Oregon and California Railroad History
Tunnel 9: 1883
Speeder Run
Hugo’s Semiphores of the Southern Pacific Railroad
Hugo’s Southern Pacific Railroad Section House: 1913 - ca., 1960
Leland Depot (Brochure 1 in Depot Series)
Hugo Depot (Brochure 2 in Depot Series)
Gravel Pit Station (Brochure 3 in Depot Series)
Three Pines Depot (Brochure 4 in Depot Series)
Merlin Depot (Brochure 5 in Depot Series)
Pacific Railroad Survey: 1855 Part I
Pacific Railroad Survey: 1855 Part II
Southern Pacific Railroad: Miscellaneous
Railroad Building & Maintenance
Hugo’s Railroad Telegraph Lines: 1883 - 1978
Hugo’s Railroad Businesses
Hugo Train Wrecks
Collins Line
Oregon & California Railroad
Hugo Section Bosses
Tunnel No. 9 Town
Dillen: Hugo’s Early Settler - Train Victim
Hugo Tombstone Quarry Section of Applegate Trail
O & C Railroad
O & C Railroad: Chinese Workers
Hugo’s Railroad School
Hugo’s Railroad Flag Stations
Hugo Neighborhood’s Insulator Display
Claude Dunivin’s Railroad Insulators
Bill Thatcher’s Three Pines, Oregon, Insulators
Hugo’s Railroad Water Tanks
Wayne McKy, Railroad Man: 1951 - 1955
Railroad Terms
Section Gang Tools
Hugo's Railroad Torpedoes
Hugo's Bell Crossing
Southern Pacific(SP) Transportation Company
SP: Southern Oregon Passenger Train Service
SP: Track Gauge or Rail Gauge
SP: Classifying Steam Locomotives by Wheel Arrangement
SP: Rail Profile (Weights & Sizes)
SP: Rail Fastening System & Spikes
SP: Umpqua & Rogue Valley Timber Trestles
Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad (COPC)
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