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Written September 19, 2002 by the Hugo Community Sign Committee

Community Sign

The Hugo Neighborhood Association & Historical Society (Hugo Neighborhood, or HUNAHS) decided to have a permanent neighborhood community sign advertising our pride in the Hugo community.

The use of "HUNAHS" is, we hope, a way to use the magic vowel ‘U’ in Hugo so we too can have our own county-wide catchword. Say it like you say Hugo, HU-NAHS.

The structure for the community sign was constructed and installed on Jess and Lee Joy Walker’s property at 850 Three Pines Road on July 7, 2002. The cost of materials for the sign structure was $194.62. Many thanks to those volunteering materials and labor: Wayne & Janet McKy, Jess & Lee Joy Walker, Hal Anthony, and Dale, Tom, and Mike Walker.

The whole point is community.

The main part of the sign is proposed to be a 16 square feet sign with the logo of the Hugo Neighborhood. Additional hang-on pieces of the sign will reflect: 1. our neighborhood theme (to be decided), 2. the current chair and telephone number and 3. any important community meeting date/event (e.g., for next year’s Hugo History Day, the Hugo Ladies Club’s annual fall quilt fair, open burn and fire-wise your home meetings, etc.?), and perhaps in the future, business names of event/activity sponsors.


We are on a roll! Thank YOU!

Kathy Burkey
Penny Shipley
Kristin Boyce
Jeff White
Joe & Debbie Gomes, Northwest Contractors Supplies of Oregon, Inc.
Linda Molino
Lonnie Leonard, Caveman Towing & Repair
Jon & Linda Whalen, Action Hair Design
David Meissner
Pat Richard, Richards Welding
Dave & Lori Plunkett, Lil Pantry Market
Earl & Cathie Mixon
Juli Bless, Backroad Grill
George McKeon
Ed Dickenson, Merlin Barber Shop
Sue Gillis
Hal Anthony, Lawn Garden & Field Work
Al Robinson
Mike & Cindy Walker, NEPA Design Group
Ronald Bobb
Cindi & Jeff Vullmahn
Rick & Karen Alves, Baldini’s Family Restaurant & Pub
Dick & Carol Smith
Bill & Jill Meyer
Blake & Jacqueline Hardwick
Bob Baldwin
Patricia Harkless
Pat Fahey, Grants Pass Sanitation
Gil & Sharon Stevens
Susan & David Diamond
Jim & LaVerna Oppolzer
Bob, River Dance Rafts
Bruce & Kat Sanders
Bill Schwind
Debbie Atwood & Billy Sparks
Bob & MaryAnn Ziglar
John & Lynnie Kieft
Mike & Lori Chanquet, Mikey’s Video
JoAnn & Lucky Houck
Dawn Woodward
Richard & Fran Taylor
Terry Hartley
Richard & Kathy VanAmberg
Kurt & Hilde
Bill Malcolm
Viki, Victoria Station
Bill & Vicki Palmer
Wayne Sypert
Norman & Carol Hickey
Ray & Dorothy Duke
Carl & Marchia Smart
Jacqueline Kartes
Chris McNeil
Romars Sports Bar & Grill
Rod Stacey
Leonard & Zeta Winn
Charlyn & Virgil Witcher
Terrie & Darryl Dickerson
Gerald & Carol Moss
Michael & Liz Butowitch
Malcolm Drake
Zane & Beverly Searles
Joe Patton & Ellie McCoy
Andy Winn
David & Nancy Wilcox
Ed & Pat Lane
Don & Debi Earl
In Memory of Courtney & Esther Talley
Josephine County Historical Society
Connie (Conway) Smith
Chris (Walker) Herman

More Information

These generous individuals and businesses have contributed $496.77 toward our community sign project. Thanks again.

There are four people on the Hugo Community Sign Committee: Hal Anthony, Carol Smith, Chris Walker, and Mike Walker. The committee is presently investigating alternatives for financing, constructing, and installing the signs.

Chris Walker, Fund Raising Chair, is actively providing an opportunity for individuals and businesses to contribute toward our community sign.

This brochure will be updated and published when we reach our goal to raise $950.00.

Want more information? Contact an officer of the Hugo Neighborhood, or a member of the sign committee on how you can become involved in our community sign project, and/or become a member of the Hugo Community Sign Committee.

Want to contribute toward the purchase of our sign? We have a new Treasurer, Jacqueline Hardwick, and a new checking account at Evergreen Federal. Please make your checks payable to the Hugo Neighborhood, or HUNAHS and send to our treasurer.

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