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Sexton, David
Smith, John S W
Tolin, Edward N
Tuffs, James P.
Twogood, James H.
Walker, Wesley R. and Augustus L.



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(At Sexton Mt. homestead)

J. S. W. Smith was a pioneer settler, a miner on Coyote Creek and a farmer.  John Smith married Susan Dickson in 1862 and later moved from Grants Pass to Coyote Creek where they mined and farmed up to 1877 when they sold out to Henry Smith.  During these years, John became known as Coyote Bill. 
Henry Smith was the founder of Wolf Creek.  
John and Susan then homesteaded 160 acres on the north side of Sexton Mountain where Interstate 5 now cuts through the mountain.  Sexton Pass was also known as Smith Hill.  An overland stage road ran right through their property.
John was a very community oriented person.  His civic positions held were many:  justice of the peace for the Leland Precinct, school board member, road supervisor, etc.  It is told that he and his wife were always willing to help the weary travelers with food and rest after their struggles up and over Sexton Mountain Pass.  They raised four children here:   Horace A., Mary Jenette, Mellisa Adalene and Orlando.

(source - First There Was TwoGood by Larry McLane, pages 10, 26, 31-33, 280, 285.)

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