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Briggs, George E.
Browning, Edmond
Croxton, Thomas
Ganiard, Oscar
Harkness, Samuel
Hendershott, James
Hogue, Ebenezer
Hogue, Samuel
Holton, Daniel S.
Howell, Jefferson
Mason, Joseph
Nagle, William
Newman, William
Sexton, David
Smith, John S W
Tolin, Edward N
Tuffs, James P.
Twogood, James H.
Walker, Wesley R. and Augustus L.



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James P. Tuffs was one of 10 children born to John and Catherine Tuffs, in Eastport, Maine on January 12, 1825.  In his early years, he trained as a ship carpenter and worked on the Plymouth Rock as it sailed around Cape Horn arriving in San Francisco on June 28, 1850.  While in San Francisco, he was employed paving the first streets of that fair city.  He then got interested in mining and moved to Yreka and later moved to Josephine County June 15, 1851.  He and Lewis Barnes, purchased a ferry and operated it on the Rogue River until 1853.

In 1854, he took up a donation land claim on the river two miles up from his old ferry business.  He married Margaret Croxton in 1854.   Margaret was the sister of Thomas F. Croxton.  At one point, James Tuffs owned some six hundred and twelve acres near Grants Pass.  He performed his civic duty by becoming a councilman for two terms and was on the first Josephine County board of commissioners.

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(source - Josephine County Historical Highlights I, compiled by Edna May Hill, pages 117-118)

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