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What could be included in personality or personal property?  Horses, cows, equipment, etc?  What was a hog or cow valued at in 1855?  If a person is listed as having no real estate but $100 personal property, what could this $100 represent?

These were the questions that the Tax Roll Committee members experienced.

To help answer these questions, we have included here some text directly taken from an old probate document for Hiram Niday of Hugo in 1855.

                                                    "Jackson County Oregon Territory
Forks of Road, June the 23rd, 1855.  Appraisement of the Estate of Hiram Niday.  The following persons met according to a pointment and proceeded to appraise the property of Hiram Niday deceased, as follows.
Seventeen head of cattle the entire was valued at six hundred and thirty dollars and thirty cents.
Six head of horses was valued at two hundred and seven dollats and fifty cents.
Twenty four head of Hogs was valued at tow hindred and forty dollars.
One Hundred dollars in cash.
Government Script valued at Five Hundred Dollars.
The south west quarter of the tract of land known as Nidays Claim Was valued at two hundred dollars.
The Homestead part of the claim was valued at one thousand dollars.
                                                        Hardy Elliff
                                                        James. R. Tuffs
                                                        Jos. F. Vannoy
Caroline Niday being duly sworn says that the above is a true and correct amount of property of wheich her husband died that the foregoing appraisemwnt contains a correct statement and amount of all the property and money belonging to the estate of Hiram Niday.
                                                        Caroline Niday
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2nd of July 1855
                                                        A.P. Stearns
                                        Probate Judge of Jackson County
Filed July 2nd. 1855
A.P. Stearnes"

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